At Step In Time Dance Company we recognize that all our clients will have different reasons for enrolling in a program. Whatever yours may be, we are confident that you will be able to help you meet your goals. Dancing is a great way to express yourself, exercise and learn a new skill while having a lot of fun! We want you to not only learn how to dance, but learn how to love to dance.

We offer a range ofdance classes and private lessons including Ballroom, Salsa, Country Western, Latin, Swing, Hip Hop, Belly dancing and Wedding dance lessons. The instructors at Step In Time Dance Company are professionally trained to ensure that you get the highest quality instruction available.

Step In Time Dance Company will ensure a high quality of dance experience, seeking all arenas to offer informative, thorough style of technique and varieties of dances. 

The vision of Step In Time Dance Company is to provide families with a positive outlet of staying active through the art-form of dance and creativity, while developing and nurturing their confidence and family unity. 

As the Renaissance City, SITDC will aim to be a part of the rebirth and revitalization of the city of Detroit through the art-form of dance in unique ways, creating a Renaissance of Art in Motion.





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