To ensure that all students are appropriately dressed and wear appropriate shoes, Step in Time Dance Company has enacted a strict dress code policy. We respectfully ask parents to ensure that their children abide by the following policies:

Leotards and tights are preferred and are absolutely essential if your child is taking a creative movement or tap dance class (Ages 3-5). Girls must wear a solid colored, plain leotard with pink or tan tights. Exercise or aerobic attire (yoga or cargo pant) is permitted for other forms of dance (i.e. hip hop, tap and modern).

PLEASE NOTE: JEANS, JEAN SHORTS, LEGGINGS, JEWELRY OR OTHER TYPES OF SCHOOL ATTIRE ARE NOT ALLOWED.  If you are unable to change before coming to class, bring class clothes with you to change in the studio bathroom.

Recital Costumes

All students parpicipating in our recital are required to purchase a recital costume. The total amount for recital costumes are $60. A 50% deposit is due by the first week in January. The balance must be paid by February 21, 2012.

Class Cancellations

Step in Time Dance Company will follow the Detroit School District cancellations for inclement weather. This information will be communicated under the "Home" tab on the website. If classes are cancelled for any other reason the teacher will alert the students with prior notice. Make ups for all cancelled classes will be scheduled in a timely manner.


All monthly payments will be processed the 1st of every month. If a member joins a class after the 1st of the month a prorated payment will be easily accepted.

All payments must be paid by Money Order or Cashiers check. Cash is not accepted.

Please call us for tuition prices!


Step In Time Dance Company promotes our students to gain a sense of responsibility and commitment to themselves and their classmates. It is also necessary for a dancer to attend his/her classes regularly to continue progressing with the rest of the class.






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